I stayed up way too late last night.

Tuesdays are the one day a week that Chris comes over and we do stuff-- we plan the wedding and do our Startup Camp homework. The past few weeks we've been so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do that we tend to jump from one task to the next, never accomplishing anything.

Since I'm a planner and I love schedules, I thought we should make a task list for the evening and set amount of times to do them. I just love a clean outline, a plan, a roadmap of where we're going. It helps me stay focused.

We started strong. We were researching how much it costs to start an LLC in Illinois (it's the most expensive state to do so, by the way) when we thought we'd talk to my dad about business.

We sat down to talk around 7:30 and we got up at 11:30.

Generally, I'd be upset that we didn't "get more done," that we'd not finished any of our tasks and got off our plan.

But not this time.

We sat and listened to my dad's advice, which led to him sharing his own experience and, ultimately, his own long journey to where he is today. I had to swallow back tears a few different times, even though I knew most of his story. He talked how crazy life's path ends up looking and we told him he needed to write a book.

Our conversation eventually led into the wedding and how to make all of our crazy ideas happen. But at the end of the night, Chris and I both agreed. That was a really good night.

Even though we technically didn't get anything done. Even though all the goals we set for the evening went unmet.

There's something about holding your plans loosely and saying yes to conversations that matter, the ones that give life.

It's really easy to fall into complaining and ranting and feeding off one another's drama, offenses, or problems.

But these are the conversations that move me. People's stories. Their lessons. Their advice.

Those are the moments to stop for. The moments to let everything else fall to the background in order to be present with people. To listen. To learn. To stop doing long enough to just be.


Image: Unspash