The Everyday Adventure: The Grace House.

My mom and I have always wanted to fix up an old house. I don’t know when it started, but it probably has to do with all the hours of HGTV over the years mixed with our love of shopping and home goods and DIY projects. She always talks about how she could just do that someday, after she’s done working all of her other jobs. And recently, she and my dad decided to buy their first house to flip. Thinking it best to start small, they chose one that doesn’t need a complete gutting (been there, done that), but is just in need of cosmetic updates and a some layout changes.

We call it the Grace House, named after the former owner, and it’s a charming little brick house with lots of natural light and hard wood floors (and also lots of cabinets, tile, carpet, and linoleum that has got to go). It even came with an organ.


Obviously, part of the deal is that I’d get to help my mom redesign the place, and it’s been super fun to dream and come up with ideas. The best part is that I’ll get to rent it from them for a season, so it’s extra motivation to make this thing happen.

So Chris and I started demo on Saturday. HECK YES. We tore up the only carpet in the place to find hard wood underneath. Chris knocked down a whole wall between two rooms by himself and I started painting.


It’s funny because the “Every Day a New Adventure” book suggested making something with your partner.

“Spend some time every weekend creating, constructing, or renovation something. Don’t renovate or build an entire house together; that seems to overwhelm most couples. Choose a smaller project."


How much more fun can you have than swinging hammers and kicking through walls and carrying stinky, dusty carpet around together?

So our day was full of getting our hands (and everything) dirty, paint dripping in our hair (and everywhere), hands getting cut up by old tack strips, stepping on nails, and just generally making a mess.

And it was awesome. And so much fun. And I can't wait to do it again.

img_0004 img_0003img_0007img_0005

Photo credit goes to Chris for the cool panoramas. :D