The Everyday Adventure: So That Happened.

I missed a day.

All I wanted from Friday was to spend the evening sitting by a fire and soaking up fall. And I got that.

But Saturday was dedicated to helping shoot a wedding, which meant waking up early and going to bed late and the kind of tired that makes you melt into your bed.

And I honestly forgot.

I forget to write. I forgot to post.

Life has been good but it has been incredibly full.

The past few weeks, I get to Monday and I'm worn, an exhausted mess, because I'm tired. Because the weekend didn't provide any rest. Because I tried to cross one more thing off my list instead of pause and breathe.

Last week, I decided that I wanted Sunday evenings to be for rest.

So tonight we drove country roads for an hour and a half, location scouting for a few of my upcoming shoots. We got out of the car and explored. We walked through fields and he picked sand burrs off my Toms. We saw a rogue cow and mooed at it out the car window. We sat on the couch and ate cereal for dinner and talked without the TV on.

And it was good.

I'd love to know... What do you do for rest on the weekends? How to you recharge for your week?


Shoutout to Chris for getting a snap of that cow. :)