The Everyday Adventure: Seasons.

It's no mystery that there's a lot I don't like about living in Illinois.

But nothing quite compares with the way the harvest smells.

It's probably my favorite thing about this area. I've tried explaining it to my friends who live in the city. And it's impossible.

Every year I complain that fall flies by, that it's never long enough. And for the first time in a while, I feel like I'm noticing it more.

I make a point to look at the colors the trees happen to be every day on my walks. I try to take a few moments each day to sit outside and feel the changes happening in the air. I keep the windows open and get outside when sun first appears.

It's the small bits of intentionality that have made me pay attention in this season. It's made all the difference. I don't (always) feel like life is rushing by.

I can see it happening and changing and progressing. It makes me savor the season more.

And honestly, I need to learn to do this in the seasons of life. To look around every day and see the subtle changes, the way it's moving forward and growing. To ground myself in the present and learn to savor the now.

Yes yes yes. I need more of that. 

This season of engagement has started to feel restless and battered and heavy. Not because of the engagement, but because of so many other things in life trying to choke out the joy that this short season brings.

And that's not right or fair.

Every season only lasts for a moment and then it's gone. Whether that's being single, being pregnant, having young kids, living in a certain city, working a particular job.

I don't want to keep getting caught up in the rush that the season flies by and I never truly enjoyed it for what it was.

This season is here and then it will be gone. Stop on the side of the rode to watch the harvest. Hold his hand while you swing on the front porch.

Don't let it pass you by.