The Everyday Adventure: Hold Back the River.

I've got this thing with music. I can't get enough.

This year, I've been following Dave Ramsey's financial Baby Steps to save money and get out of debt. Every time I tell my sister I'm going to a concert, she says, " I thought you were on a budget."

I look at her as though she's an alien to suggest that there's not a "live music" category in my budget.

So far this year, Chris and I have seen John Mark McMillan + Josh Garrels, Mutetmath, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Hillsong United, and just last week, James Bay.

We're never sure how the opening act is going to be, but as soon as JOSEPH began playing, Chris and I looked at each other with this look. This is so good, oh my goodness, this feels so good.

That's the thing about music. It has the power to shake you up, to make you feel all the feels.

I don't know what it is about live music, but it connects me to something deep in my soul. It awakens everything in me, and I get lost in the rhythm and the sounds and the passion of it all. It inspires me. It moves me. Literally, spiritually, emotionally. I'll be the one swaying and dancing because I just can't help it.

On the way home, we decided that we're not really a fan of stadium or arena shows anymore. The majority of the concerts we've been to in the past few years have been intimate, smaller venues, the kind where you stand the whole time, and there's something incredibly personal about that.

I actually just texted Chris about a show I wanted to go to on Tuesday. Like, next week. HA. See what I mean? CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH.

One of James Bay's most popular songs, Hold Back the River, is about the craziness of life, and how he just wishes it could stop long enough to be with the people he loves.

I kind of think the same thing about music. Life is this crazy whirlwind right now and sometimes I just want the space to stop and breathe. And that's what live music is for me.

If you're not someone who regularly attends concerts, I hope you find one soon. Sometimes, it's that good-for-the-souls pause you need.

If you need suggestions, I'm your girl.


But one you should definitely catch: JOHNNYSWIM. Or just please go be a fan of them.

Okay I'm done.