The Everyday Adventure: Halfway!

I can’t believe we’re halfway through this challenge.  Well, almost.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I make goals. Post one blog a week. I add tasks to my to-do list. Write. Blog. Post.

I seem to have trouble with actually doing it because writing is something that can be easily sacrificed in the wake of life and laundry and work.

What I have loved most about the past two weeks is that I’ve gotten into the habit of writing. It’s not always a solid chunk of time in the perfect chair. Sometimes it’s in the car while I wait for Chris to get a new phone. Sometimes it’s typing my thoughts into my phone right before I go to bed or on my walk to work. Yes, sometimes it is sitting in my favorite chair for 30 minutes in the morning.

But I’m just writing.

And you know what else has been great? The pressure is off. I always think I have to write long, perfectly-crafted posts that are poetic and inspiring. And when I don’t feel like I can produce something of that quality, I just don’t write. I don’t share.

But now that I’ve committed to writing every day for a month, there’s less pressure. I know I can’t sustain the kind of writing I expect of myself all the time. And that’s okay. Because the goal is the act.

Just do it. Do it often. Every day. Commit. Follow through.

That can be applied to so many things. All art forms. All creative projects. Healthy eating. Exercise. Anything.

Half the battle of doing is starting. And then choosing to start again every day.

The end goal isn’t necessarily the finished project. The goal is the doing, because the process transforms you as it creates the result.

And I’d say that’s an outcome worth pursuing.


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