The Everyday Adventure: Adventure Defined.

Can we talk about adventure for a second? I feel like it's become such a buzzword lately. I open Instagram and everyone is out “adventuring." Photos of beautiful mountains and people exploring Iceland. Someone jetsetting to a different place or hitting the road again. People want to adventure for a living, want to work with adventurous people, want to marry an adventurous person, just. want. more. adventure. 

So I’m aware that Adventure is overused right now.

And I’m aware that my life can probably look the same at times. People comment to me often that they can’t keep track of where I am, that they love keeping up with all of my adventures on social media.

Sure, I love that. Because for a long time I limited myself and didn’t think I can could go and do. So I decided to change the story I was telling myself and go and do instead.

But I never want to be the reason someone becomes wistful for a life that isn’t their own. I never want someone to think that just because I travel, that means I live an adventurous life.

So that’s why I want to set some things straight.

Adventure doesn’t have to be synonymous with travel.

Because I’m a nerd, I looked up a few definitions of Adventure.

  • an exciting or very unusual experience.
  • participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises
  • a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.
  • to take the chance of; dare.
  • To venture upon; undertake or try
  • To proceed despite risks
  • To venture, risk, brave, dare 

Adventure can certainly mean traveling to new places. But it can also mean trying something new, taking chances, daring to do the unexpected, choosing bold, trying something a little uncertain, daring to do something a little risky.

Because I think that sometimes adventure is a little less about what we do and more about how it makes us feel. 

My solid source Wikipedia states that “adventurous experiences create psychological arousal which can be interpreted as negative or positive."

For me, adventure comes when I explore the limits. In myself, of what's expected, of what is possible. When there's that jittery excitement inside that says something could go wrong, but man, everything feels right. When I step outside of what I expect, even of myself. When I chose yes instead of excuses.

When I do something that makes me feel alive. When my heart beats wildly with anticipation. When my heart feels exhilarated and invincible and free.

The spirit of adventure lives in us and we have the power to unleash it whenever we want. Adventure isn’t out there, waiting for us to find it at Machu Piccu or in the Rockies or among the streets of Paris. It’s inside of us, ready for us to release it from its cage, waiting for us to choose it every day.



How do you define adventure? Let me know below!