You Own the Skies and Still You Want My Heart.

[Warning: Late-night, incoherent rambling to follow.]

Confession: It's been a rough day.

I just had A LOT to do. Like on-a-deadline, this-feels-like-college time crunch things. (Note, it is 2:30 AM and I am still working.) I was super optimistic at the start. But as time rocked on, the list seemed to get longer and more things went wrong.

The whole time, I continued to thank God for strength and grace, because I know He is the only reason I can finish a day.

Even then, I was struggling. You know when you just feel defeated? One thing after the next and suddenly you want to curl up under a table or in a closet and release the anxiety and pressure with tears? Maybe it's just me. And that's hard to admit, because the thing is, I am so unbelievably ashamed to feel that way.

I shouldn't let life get to me that much. The whole time I felt like I was failing God. I felt like I was saying, this circumstance has more weight than You do.

I have this post-it on my computer that says: You can have thoughts of doubt in your head and FAITH in your heart.

I had to quickly upload a memory card and came across these photos from last week in Florida. This is what did it, what made me pause and remember. We don't have to live condemned because some hairy circumstances have made our little heads worry. We know deep down in our hearts, where faith lives, that God is still faithful and good.

And He wants us. Just us. Not the lies we tell ourselves. Not our attempts to keep it together. Just as we are. Take a minute. Breathe. Look beyond whatever has taken hold of your heart. Delight in what His hands have made. Know that those hands made you. And know that they want to carry you through.