I wish I could say that everything will always be okay. I wish I could say that no pain will find its way into your heart and decide to stay a while. I wish I could say that you'll never feel lonely or that people will never leave you sooner than you hoped.

But all I can say is this. Hold the ones you love a little tighter while you can. Never take for granted the seemingly insignificant moments. Never regret time spent with the souls that can speak to yours without words. Don't restrain yourself under the guise of protecting against hurt or the fear of being too emotional. Don't be afraid of feeling too much.Β Love with every single part of yourself and with all the strength you can muster.

Run unashamedly toward a life of reckless, uninhibited love. Never stop saying, sharing, showing love. Never stop being love. When it hurts, know that what you have means something, and be thankful because the ache is evidence that you are alive.

And count yourself blessed because of it.