(Written to "All Comes Down" by Kodaline)

Recalculating. Please drive to highlighted route.

That annoying voice kept repeating over and over, drowning out my music. The small cartoon version of me had gone off-roading on my GPS and my GPS didn’t like it.

This road I drove, it was new. For the past five years, I'd driven a maze of back roads while it was being constructed. And, while I knew where I was, my GPS had no clue. I had never updated it so it was totally in the dark. I was suddenly a small blue cartoon car gone rogue, off the map. In retaliation, my GPS picked a path, one that made sense to it's limited knowledge, and put it in bold for me.

So many times, the voice in our heads can sound awfully like our annoying GPS. Like the world wants to put you on their track, make you run their race. It tells you to return to the path it has created for you. I feel that pressure much of time, like some force in the world, some status quo, is trying to be my guide, my GPS.

While I think that's true a lot of the time, I also think that God wants to take us off the "right" roads and it's our annoying voices telling him robotically, please drive to highlighted route. Please lead me down the road to success, to family, to love, to fulfillment, to stability, to perfection. We are the GPS yelling back at Him to get back to the road we picked for ourselves.

And all the while He is saying, "I know of a better, faster way. Update your maps. First, orient yourself on the road to righteousness, to purity, to servanthood, to humility, to obedience, to contentment, to Me."

I drove long enough for the GPS to figure out where we were, and everything quieted down. Sometimes we can drive around on our route, waiting for the day the world finally agrees with us, acknowledging that our way is okay, even though it didn't understand it at first.

Meanwhile, God is waiting for us to wake up and get a clue. We are the faulty navigation system. It's not our plan that the world needs to approve. It's God’s plan that we need to allow, to acknowledge, to take over our our-of-date maps and point us toward a land of no roads, of no known paths.

Why? Because He doesn't ask us to walk someone else's journey, to try trace their steps like tracks in the snow. He's called us to blaze trails, to cut paths out in the wild. To bulldoze through the thicket.

Off the path is where I love to be. It's my place. But when it comes to God, I always want a path. I want a clear one, a road that has a name, preferably smooth as butter, with nothing in front of me slowing me down.

But His roads are much harder to define. They mean getting real with ourselves and getting messy. They mean hard work and sacrifices, sacrifices, sacrifices. They mean saying no to selfishness. They mean burning agendas and schedules. They mean asking for things that are going to challenge us. They mean getting uncomfortable. 

But they also mean growing. They mean letting go of the burdens and taking a lighter load. They mean drawing close to Him. They mean stepping into who He says we are.

The road our annoying, mechanical voices want lack one major update: HIM. 

Choose the road only we know and we travel it without Him. But when there seems to be no path ahead He'll be there to shine the light. The point is He's there, and the point of the journey isn't necessarily to determine the destination. The point of the journey is to know Him better.

And it's never too late to recalculate.

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