New Year: Part Two

Life rarely goes the way we plan. I can make a list of things to do and, even if I attempt them all, not everything will happen they way I envisioned. Things happen. We succeed and we fail. The most important thing is that we be caught in the act of DOING. Get alone and get quiet. Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat, the music it makes inside your chest. Dreams and desires wait to be uncovered there. Feed the adventurer inside you and take those dreams off the shelf. Write them down. Paint them on the walls. Look at them often. Let the words sink in. Allow yourself to imagine.

Sure, resolutions can be silly and typical and cliche. Do it anyway. You know that hesitance? The kind that comes from the possible future embarrassment of failing? Drop-kick it into the fire that is rising in your soul. You may break resolutions on the first day. Some may never be met.

But I don't think that's the point. Goals are to remind you to live. To dream. To wander and wonder. To imagine a life that is more than what you have been living. Think about what you want your life to be, recognize that little spark inside of you called purpose.

Imagine the impossible. Get fearless. Then allow yourself to go. Unleash yourself into the wild. Give yourself permission to become all you are meant to be. Just go and do and try. For there will be times you find fulfillment in crossing something off the list. Then, there will be moments that, even though they are distorted from your original plan, are more wonderful than you ever imagined they'd be. And maybe that's what God had in mind the whole time.

And if you care to know...

1. Write more.

  • I majored in creative writing, and yet, I only write when I am really distressed. I am aiming for 750 words a day (yikes) but it's going well so far. I'm realizing there are a lot of things inside me that want to come out, so I just need to take the time.

2. Read the whole Bible.

  • I am ashamed to say I have never read the entire Bible. I've read a lot of it, but I've missed things through the years. I started a chronological reading plan last month. WOOT!

3. Sell my photographs/Be featured on a gallery hop

  • Gallery hops happen the first Friday of every month in Jacksonville, and a friend of mine owns a shop downtown. I may get a chance to showcase some of my photographs, but, man, am I nervous. Time to get brave!

4. Go camping.

  • This is something I have never done. I would love to take a camping trip with some friends, do some hiking or kayaking. Adventure!

5. Run a race.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with running. But there's something about using only your body to travel an extended distance. I want that challenge.

6. Project Life 365

  • This is a photo-a-day project with a different theme every day. When doing what you love becomes work, it's nice to have something make it fun, challenging, and personal again. Follow me on Instagram and join in!

7. Be better at keeping up with friends.

  • Over the past year, I've realized the importance of real friends. Life happens, people move away, and suddenly, I don't know who those people even are anymore. I am making a point to either visit or keep in touch with the people who mean so much to me.

8. Lose 20 pounds.

  • I gained a little holiday weight, but I'd love to continue my overall weight loss--and also put my new punching bag to use!

9. Grow my business.

  • I haven't figured out exactly what this looks like yet, but it means taking time for education and experiment.

10. Get a tattoo.

  • So, this is a stretch for me. I've wanted one for a while, but apparently your side is one of the worst places to get it. Meagan and I are supposed to get them this summer, so that gives me plenty of time to talk myself into it. Right?

11. Take on a new volunteer opportunity.

  • I love to serve.

12. Plant and grow something.

  • I feel like this is an important skill to have and it will make me slow down, get away from my computer, and enjoy nature.


  • This includes theย possibilities ofย getting a dog, moving, traveling a lot, stepping out of my comfort zone... The list is huge.

So, my loves, be brave. Get fearless and be unashamed. Double-dog-dare yourself. Let your hair down. Breathe. Let go. Jump. Fly. Take risks. Love. LIVE.

And let me know when you do.