Let go.


Ever been on a swing and you spin around in circles until the ropes have twisted into one long chain? You spin and spin until the tension is so high that you can no longer move or barely hold yourself steady? I have. We all have.

Sometimes I hold so tightly to my life. I get tangled in the possibilities, the questions, that great, annoying unknown. If I chose this, what about that? I can’t see the end of this road, so I’m not sure I should take it. What if this doesn't turn out the way I want, the way it's supposed to?

Before I know it, I’m completely wound up in thoughts, decisions and fears, that I forget the point of life is to live it. That place just inside my chest can get so tight with the pressure of it all that I feel I’ve put a whole row of twisted swings inside of it.

The thing about continuing to twist in circles is that where I faced was always changing. I'd make myself dizzy because I was always moving but never progressing. I'll say that again.

I was always moving but never progressing.

While I struggled to keep the swing in its twisted state, it was never pleasant. It hurt, chains cut into my hands, the seat crushed my body. To escape the pain, to stop fighting the resistance, all I’d have to do is let go. Sure, the momentary chaos was dizzying, but eventually the swing would right itself and I’d jerk back to where I should be, free to sit or soar or jump.


Some moments, we just need to let go. Unclench our fists. Open our hands. Stop grasping for answers, stop carrying the questions, stop gathering the unknowns until they are too heavy and uncontrollable, until they cut into our cores and bleed us of all spirit, of all spunk, our very existence.

Sometimes, the pain of keeping things the same, of maintaining a life doesn't fit, becomes worse than the pain it will take to change, to run toward something better.

Just let go. Close your eyes and ride the natural flow, let the forces of nature take you where you need to go. It’ll be crazy for a minute, maybe longer. It may actually make you want to throw up. But when it ends, you’ll be free and you’ll be facing in a clear direction. Ready to progress.