inside all of us.

If you could cut me open, dissect the little pieces of what I'm made of, you would find that phrase etched into a deep corner of my heart.

All my life I've had this idea of who I would be once I reached a certain age, once I could make my own decisions, once I could really shape my own destiny. That girl would travel, roam, see things she'd only dreamt about. She would get out of a town that was her prison. She would break free, take risks, be bold. She would dream and do the impossible. She would feel things and follow her heart. She would never be tamed. Ever.

It's like I created an image of her and tacked her to my wall. Someday. Someday when everything is right and perfect. Then I will slip into this person I have imagined.

But I've been plagued with the heavy question... Why have I not yet become her, the girl who lets her dreams carry her into the unknown?

Then I realized why.


Fear that inches its bony little fingers around my hopes, all the things I imagined for myself. Fear that whispers possibilities so silently that I don't realize their presence until they've become my limitations.

You could fail.

It isn't safe.

You won't be able to support yourself.

You don't have what it takes.

You will fail.

You aren't supposed to want this.

You won't be good at that.

You will end up alone.


The fear rules and the lies disguise themselves as common sense.

But you know what? I'm glad for the fear. Bring it on. Let the fear ravage my soul and shake me to my core. If not for fear, I would not have to trust fully in my Savior. If not for fear, I would have nothing to face.Β If not for fear, I would not have the opportunity to rise and become a fighter.

I would not have the joy of staring into the eye of the thing that scares me most. I would not have the great delight of kicking fear in the face and fist pumping my way to freedom.

I would not have the thrill of overcoming my impossible.

So let fear fuel the fire inside. Let fear ignite the passion to live out the hopes we've hidden in the deepest places of who we are. Let fear cause hope to burst out of the shadows and fight back.

Because that wild thing inside of us, that image tacked to our walls for someday, deserves to be set free.

Adventure on, loves.