Coming Soon...

"Say yes and you'll figure it out afterward." -Tina Fey

That's been the theme of this year. Somewhere along the way, I made a solid decision to say "Yes." Instead of approaching life and opportunities with "Why?" I've been trying instead to ask "Why not?"

Fly to New York City for a girls weekend? Why not? Go to a conference that scares the daylight out of me? Why not?

Do a complete website makeover? Why not? Write for blogs other than my own? Why not?

Open an online shop to sell my photography as art?

Why not?

So that's what's next, friends.

An online shop.

And I am SO excited.

I have images from this year's travels and adventures. And I just want to share them. I want them to move you and inspire you. I want them to bring you moments of peace and moments of escape. I believe in pasting the walls with images and words that spur you toward a full, meaningful, and beautiful life.

The shop is launching this weekend, on Small Business Saturday, at 10 AM.

But I thought we could have a little Black Friday fun.

So, if you'd like early access to the shop and a little discount, sign up for the newsletter below. You'll be invited to a totally exclusive party (aka you'll get an email on Friday with a super secret link and code).

I can't wait to share this with you. Thank you for joining me on this little adventure.

In the meantime, I'm off to gather champaign and confetti. (Insert ALL the emojis here.)



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