baby, just say yes.

Here's how it happened. I had a choice to make. And decisions are my least favorite thing, like right down there with Doing My Taxes. There was a lot riding on this one. You know when you're sure you've reached a mile-marker on your journey?

And this time my heart spouted this automatic Yes. Like robot-style. But my mind was surprised at how fast that yes came.

Shouldn’t there be more thought? it protested. Shouldn't there be more worry and wondering and measuring outcomes? Shouldn’t there be a certain level of stress to walk through before the decision is made? Where the heck is the pro/con list?

All those questions got trumped with a yes. The kind of Yes that resonates through your entire being, the kind of yes that echoes through every last ounce of you, the kind that jumps around like a pinball against everything you know, begging you to notice it, to claim ownership over something that is already made out of a billion bits of you.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s a Yes in you, one that’s trying to get out. The yes that picked you out of a crowd and decided to take you on a quest. The yes you can't get away from. The yes that's calling you to come outside and play, the one that's always on the tip of your tongue.

That’s your yes. The one you can’t argue with. The one that chose you.

This Yes stops for no one. And you better buckle up, baby, because this one's gonna be a wild ride.


I confessed to her all my qualms and fears and questions about doing the Big Thing.

And she looked at me and simply said:

"You’re going."

Because she knew. Somehow she knew that the Yes in me was a lot stronger than all of the questions, the ones I was asking because I felt they deserved some sort of attention out of respect or responsibility or obligation.

You can realize that doubts will flare up but you don't have to invite them in for tea and for forever.

Listen, I'm telling it to you straight right now. You're going. You're doing it, the Big Thing, the big Yes. There's no, I believe in you, you should do it, this time.

Yes, I believe you should, but thing is, this time around, you're doing it.

It's that simple. Go all Nike up in this place.


When you have a yes on your hands, don’t keep closing the curtains and locking the doors. You've found the freaking golden ticket, so go use it. Don’t make your yes a lot of things it was never meant to be. Things like, maybe later, I’m not ready, how, why, what, where, when...

Those question marks ahead, maybe you just pass them by, fingertips grazing their surface, a monument to be beheld but not held onto, a sight to see and leave, not take home and plant.

That who what when where why how., they stay inside their gates with their security and perfectly manicured lawns.

You can camp at the feet of questions all day long until the final bell rings and visiting hours are over. But that's all it is, a place to visit. Don't spend your days living amongst the giants you know as questions. Drive along the freeway, windows down, waving at them from the road, the path that leads you on. Because you belong in the wild. Where the yeses live.

And you're going.



What's your Yes? Leave me a comment, I can't wait to hear what is you're going to do.