Any way you want it, that's the way you need it.

Somehow I’ve tricked myself into thinking that my business has to be a certain way, that I have to be limited by the things I think I can’t change.

I look at other photographers and think… I wish I could do things like they do, but they live in a huge city. They have tons of resources and experience. They’re established. If only…

It’s time to… 1.) Shake off the chains of what I think is expected of me and 2.) Stop looking at others like I can never have what they have. Because I shouldn’t—I should want more.

I am enough. I have enough.

It’s time to take a good look at what my heart imagines my business to be and then work my tail off to get it there.

It may be reckless. But I’d say that is one of my best traits.

So, I’ve been spending time dreaming, writing, planning, crunching, learning, and reading. If your calls, texts, or emails have gone unanswered for extended periods of time, I do apologize. This mad woman inside of me is on a tight schedule.

Of course, this is a process. Some days I lack the courage to run against the wind fear blows my way. Sometimes comparison steals my energy. But I am determined.

Change is scary. Change can be a total inconvenience. But you know what else change can be? Amazing. Exhilarating. Necessary. Liberating. Everything I ever hoped.

Some of these changes have already nestled into my head and taken shape. Some are still incubating. People could very well be upset by them. My phone may fall silent for a while. The sound of crickets may fill my inbox.

That’s okay. I’m young and free. I have my whole life to be popular. Right now, I have the wonderful blessing of being my own boss. This business is something I can call all mine. I should be able to mold and shape it any way I want it. If I never try I'll never know.

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it. That’s right, Journey. Rock on.

So, this is a heads up. I’m climbing out of the box I’ve put myself in. I’m flinging away the heaviness of false expectations. I’m stripped down and baring all, not ashamed of what I am.  I am sprinting, not wandering, into a flowing stream of possibility. I am diving in, head over heels, completely immersed in nothing but crazy ideas and awesomesauce.

To friends, I ask for your patience. I love you. Keep calling, keep texting. Knock on my door. I’m still here. Especially when you need me. Some days I just dive so deep I can no longer see the surface.

To clients, I ask for open-mindedness and understanding. While things have been great, I am striving for greater, for something that lines up with my deepest desires. Things may be different, but I’d love for you to join me on the adventure.

This won’t please everyone, I’m sure of that. I apologize if I disappoint.

But I’m not sorry for chasing what I want. For that, I will never apologize. And neither should you.

So. What are the dreams you are holding on to? What secret ambitions are you afraid to release into the daylight?

Do something that will scare those aspirations out of hiding. Get them in the sun where they will grow. Give them legs so you have to chase them down. Find motivation. Not the kind that fades after day one. Real, long-lasting determination. The kind that doesn’t give up.

Say this to yourself: I am enough.

Because you are. You have what it takes, and you are not alone. I’m running this race with you, aching legs, burning lungs, and all. But two is better than one, and I’m here to chant your name when you feel like you can’t go on.

I certainly don’t have it together or all figured out. So, if you want someone to share in your dreams, frustrations, and joys, drop me a line. Or several. Sometimes, I need a break from diving into the deep to simply sit on the beach a moment. I’d love to listen. But beware. I’ll probably push you in.

Are you ready?