a case of the Thursdays.

I want so badly to produce something good for you. That's my goal with this little space. To put my life and fire and all the little pieces of my soul into giving you a some words to hold on to, a few lines that spark something in you. To inspire you or make you feel like we're in this thing together.

But I've been basically working three jobs. It's from one to the next to the next. I don't know how to not work when there's always something to do.

And someone will ask me, Hey did you hear about this? Or did you see that? And I have to say no. Because right now Facebook/tv/internet/news is an old friend. (One that I don't really miss.) It's just that all of my time is taken up with to-dos and must-dos and right-nows.

And right now, I've got a serious case of the Thursdays, one that has been going on for a while.

So, as much I want to give you something, I don't have anything left to give right now.

The best experiences and lessons and inspiration come from living, and I don't think I've been doing that. I've been filling my days with busy. Like, to the brim. And I still feel that previously mentioned grace on me in this season. But this is what a little voice keeps repeating in my head:

No one said you had to work yourself until you can't think straight.

No one said you had to lose your soul while putting it into everything you do.

No one said you had to go to sleep with your schedule.

No one said you couldn't rest until the to-do list has been crossed out.

No one said you have to say yes.

No one said you have to keep saying yes.

No one said you had to go straight from one computer to the next.

Because you? You weren't made for desks and chairs that don't fit your life. You weren't made for rushing and never seeing the light of day. You were not made to go and go and go and go...

Hustle is good and fine but not when it steals life from you instead of creating more.

Life is not an emergency, that's what a friend keeps reminding me.

Life is not an emergency.

So I'm going to go fall into bed fully clothed and maybe laugh with Jimmy Fallon or maybe just close my eyes. And I'm going to work a littleΒ this weekend. But I'm also going to do life-giving things, whether that looks like work or leisure (or sleeping, let's be real here).

Let's just create space to breathe. To rest. To allow good things to catch up with us.

See you on the other side.