Wake Up Your Wild: Flower Crown Workshop Recap


I still can’t believe this day happened! The first Wake Up Your Wild event happened in June, and I could not have wished for a better day!

This has been a dream of mine for a long time. I love community, and I’ve always cared about creativity and owning your story to make a difference. But I felt like I had to travel to find the spaces where these things were valued. I’ve been all over this country, from California to North Carolina, to go to workshops, conferences, and gatherings of women.

It’s been amazing. I finally found people who got it, who fed my soul and empowered me to dream big. (At a conference in Georgia, I even made a friend who would later be in my wedding!)

I left these events so charged but the spark would eventually die because I felt isolated and lonely at home. Since my life has literally been changed by the communities I’ve found, I truly believe in the power of gathering people together.

No matter what season of life I was in, when asked what I wanted my life to be about, I’d always answer: “I want to create safe places for people to gather and be empowered.”



I’m so thankful that I’ve found a little tribe in my area, a group of girl bosses who are chasing their dreams . When I brought the idea of Wake Up Your Wild to them, they were all on board—and I was totally shocked!

We were able to used the amazing Saved Space in downtown Jacksonville, which had the PERFECT vibe. It’s a an old warehouse so it had plenty of open space—we even strung cafe lights to add to the mood.

Nothing says wild more to me than flower crowns! So Rachel from A Bloom Bar provided the most beautiful florals to help us all feel like hippies for the night. Rachel and Kate from Kate Armstrong Farms helped with the supplies and instruction. And all of these women got straight to work!


There was an AMAZING charcuterie board as well as mocktails and juice from The Fresh Press. Side note: Jess from The Fresh Press is doing incredible things for our community. I can’t get enough of her granola bars and everything she makes is gluten-free and dairy-free!

And you know I HAD to create a baller playlist just for the event, whether anyone could hear it or not. I’m still listening to it weeks later. If you’re looking for some jams to add to your day, check out the Wake Up Your Wild playlist here.


The hilarious and kind founders of Serious Lip Balm graciously agreed to speak about their own journey in business. They are a riot and a hoot and would literally give you the shirt off of their back. It’s rare to meet such generous souls, and I love that about how they run their business.

The biggest takeaway I’ve heard from so many women was: DO IT SCARED.


And can we talk about the SWAG? Our sponsors pulled out all the stops for our swag bags.

And then we took photos of the women in the flower crowns! This was my favorite part! I didn’t get a chance to mingle as much as I wanted, so getting to steal some of these beauties away for just a minute meant the world to me.

How gorgeous are these wild hearts?!

These ladies had such amazing things to say! When asked why they attended and what they hoped to take away from the experience, one woman said this:

Your "rubbing sholders" idea. I read a quote that said "you can't step up until you step out" and going and doing these things not knowing anyway is so scary for me. But I know to be successful here it takes other and especially like minded people to have your back! So I'm trying to put myself out there more!


I spoke with so many women that night who were so thankful for the event and the time they got to spend with other women. Some told me that the inspiration was exactly what they’d been needing, that it was perfect timing.

And that is exactly why I wanted to do it!

I’m so thankful to all the sponsors (many of them helped me set up and clean up!). I’m thankful for the little boss babe tribe that has welcomed me and allowed me to whisk them along on the crazy ideas that I can’t keep inside anymore. It wouldn’t have happened without these supportive girls.


And guess what? We’re planning so much more!

This week’s event is already sold out, but here’s a few things that you can keep an eye out for:

September: the next Wake Up Your Wild event

October: Home Girls Boutique Fashion Show

November: Wake Up Your Wild x The Daring Way RETREAT

SPRING 2020: Something big and fun I can’t tell you about yet! STAY TUNED!

*event photos by Erin Brown. See the entire gallery HERE.