Dream Again.

Those were the last words Chris Hodges said at his Seeds Conference talk and oh, how timely.

Last year, my big focus was VISION. I craved vision. I needed it. I felt directionless, like I couldn’t even remember my dreams. 

The past three years have been so full. I started working at my almost-full time job. Tried to juggle a job and photography and writing/blogging. Crashed hard. My parents bought a restaurant and we, as a family, undertook an 8-month renovation. My sister and brother-in-law had a baby and built a house in a year. My parents bought The Grace House and we undertook another renovation, this one lasting 6 months. I got engaged and planned a wedding in less than a year, all during said house renovation. 

With the amount of projects and events all happening in a short time, I felt overloaded, like I couldn’t even think about my secret dreams and passion projects. In some ways, I felt like I wasn’t allowed, like I needed to be available to all these other things that were happening. Like it wasn’t my time.


Purpose has always been important to me.

I want to know that what I’m doing has a purpose. I don’t want to say yes to activities or opportunities that serve no purpose. 

When you’re in a crazy season of so.many.projects, it’s hard to set your sights on anything other than: SURVIVE.

And that’s not much of a vision.

After the wedding was over and our schedules were finally free, I was in shock. 

What are my dreams, again? I can’t remember. How do I dream? What’s the purpose I should be pursuing? 

I was just lost, in a state of amnesia. I’d been so many different things for such a long period of time, that I was having trouble remembering who I was inside. My dreams were getting dusty on high shelves, but it’s like I couldn’t remember where I’d stashed them.

And then Chris Hodges said those words.


Dream again.

He explained the importance of creating a bucket list, including even the things that are the most impossible. Because, as the bible says, those who write down the vision can run with it.

His call to create a bucket list wasn’t just about compiling a list of adventurous things to do. It was about practicing the art of dreaming bigger and brighter. It was about mixing the crazy things you’ve always wanted to do with intentional and purposeful dreams. 

It was about understanding that God has even bigger things in store than our wildest dreams. 

Once I sat down, alone with a pen and paper, and starting searching the dark corners of my life and heart, it started coming back to me. I started to remember all of the ideas I’d put on hold. All the dreams shoved to the side, thinking it wasn’t their time.


But the time is now.

So practice dreaming. Make it impossible. The seemingly impossible dreams are the perfect places for God to move. Because the dreams we can accomplish on our own aren’t big enough.  

I’m working on my big bucket list for life, the one with the big crazy dreams, but I thought I’d put one together for the next year. I’ve been celebrating my 28th birthday and I wanted to make a list of things to accomplish before I turn 29.


Before 29:

  • Take a class.
  • Pay off all debt minus massive student loan. 
  • Take a one-year anniversary trip.
  • Launch a new business. More on this soon. :) 
  • Host a rockin’ New Years Party.
  • Take 30 days off to travel.
  • Quit my day job.
  • Visit Glacier National Park.
  • Take writing retreats. 
  • Start a small group.
  • Get in the best shape of my life. 
  • Try paddle boarding.
  • Hike in Yosemite.
  • Do one DIY project every month. 
  • Read 20 books from my shelves. 
  • Get better at gardening
  • Start a breakfast club.
  • Refine my wardrobe (less stuff and more ethical/conscious).
  • Accomplish that big-time dream (I'll be ready to share this one soon).
  • Get my Christmas shopping done before December 1 (so I can fully enjoy the season) +  only buy goods from artists, small businesses, or ethically-focused companies.
  • Send more mail.


Stuff for you

If you'd like to watch the conference talk by Chris Hodges, check it out here. You can skip to his talk, which starts at 39:10, but I'd highly recommend watching the worship experience. It had a big part to play in my breakthrough. 

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Now, I want to know:

What's on your bucket list? What are your big-time, crazy dreams? What are some of the things you'd like to accomplish in the next year? What would you need to be able to accomplish those dreams? Let me know in the comments!