I've been called a collector, and I couldn't agree more. I'm addicted to collecting things good and things rad. Music. People. Books. Resources. All the things. And I want to share them with you.

Introducing a new little series...

The Friday Fix.

Heck yes.

A place for you to get your fix of goodness and find your new favorites.


I've been reading bits of this book lately and it's messing me up, in all the best ways.

Love plants but lack a green thumb? Try air plants! We bought some a few weeks ago and they're super low maintenance. However, I may have already looked up how to revive my air plants. OOPS.

I've been using this app to save money while shopping. I've saved $15 so far!

One of our favorites, John Mark McMillan has a new album, Mercury and Lightning, and the sounds are so ridiculous. We are seeing him for the second time on October 6!

 This backpack from the shop on Food52 is seriously making me swoon.

I got one of these candles in my Yellow Conference swag bag and now I'm a believer.

Speaking of Yellow, the Yellow Collective is taking new memberships! Please go check them out. One of the most inspiring, life-changing groups of women you'll meet.

I know I've been talking about them a lot, but Hiptipico is one of my new favorite do-good brands.

I created this awesome worksheet with prompts to help you create a bigger bucket list. Grab it and dream again.


What have you been loving lately? I'd love to hear!!