Connecting Flights, Part II: Words for When the Light Goes Out


Part 2. Read Time: 3 Minutes

In case you missed Part 1.

To M., all the things I wrote and everything I wish I would have said...


I can’t begin to know the depths of your pain, the horror your eyes have seen, the distress your heart has felt. 

But I see you. I hear you. You and your broken heart? It doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t make you small. It doesn’t make me feel superior to you.

I hope you never feel ashamed for going through a hard thing. I hope you always choose to release the hurt instead of holding it tight and close.

I hope you know you are valuable, even when someone tells you you’re not. I hope you know you are worthy of all the best things, even when life makes you feel like you aren't.

When you are made to feel small, when life isn't fair, when life threatens to steal everything you hold close, keep walking. Keep doing your thing. Keep being the you-est you. 

I know. Sometimes it’s not as much about the Picking Up and Going On as it is the Trying to Understand If You’re Enough. 

If you have what it takes. If you’re worthy of good things. If you deserve happiness and love.

If you are enough to rise up and beyond whatever it is that pulled you down.

If you are enough to keep the sadness away, the darkness from tugging at the corners of your mind.

If someone’s words and actions make you any less.

If you are strong enough to keep moving. If you are brave enough to fight all the lies and insecurity that live where joy and happiness once did.

If you could have been better so that the unimaginable wouldn’t have happened to you. 

Am I enough? There must be something wrong with me. I brought this on myself. Don’t get close to anything good. You might mess it up again.

Does that sound like the story you’re telling yourself?

And I would tell you this.

You are beautiful and you are enough. You are brave and enough. You are bold and enough.

This thing that happened to you? It doesn’t define you. And it certainly doesn't change your identity. 

I hope you hear that. This thing — this mess, this pain, this loss, this struggle — doesn’t change who you are at your core.

It doesn't change your Strong into Weak, your Full into Empty, your Courage into Insecurity. 

No. You are made of more than that. 

You are beauty and you are light.

All of this pain? You’ll be thankful one day. Not today. And maybe not soon. But someday you’ll see that in the middle of the heartache that won’t seem to leave your chest, in the middle of the breaking and the broken and the aftermath, things changed. 

You’ll realize that the only thing you lost was everything choking the goodness out of your life. 

You’ll realize that darkness doesn’t last forever and that the light is always there, beyond the shadow, waiting for you to dance in its rays and thrive under it’s watch.

Wait it out. Dig your heels in and let your roots go down deep. The shadow will pass. And when it does, sit in the sun and heal. Grow. Become.

You’re just growing deeper into who you really are. You are finding out what you are made of.

One day, you'll realize you have fuel for a fire that can never go out, a light they can never take away.

It’s in you. The light. 

And maybe that's the whole point of the journey. To understand that the light can never truly be taken from you because it lives right in the middle of everything you are.

You're radiant, love. Don't forget it.