I’m tackling the Write 31 Days Challenge, where we write and post every day in October. I’m seeking to infuse adventure and intentionality into my everyday life. I want to get off my phone and into real life. I want to learn to engage with the life I have, right now. I don’t want to miss the moments because I was too busy getting lost in the hustle.

For me, adventure happens when I step outside of myself, when I do something I’ve never done, when I follow the unexpected. When I loosen up and get lost in the moment. I want to make time for that, every day.

I’ll document the journey in the best way I know how. With words. With photographs. And probably at least one Spotify playlist. ;)

Here’s to the The Everyday Adventure.

Day One: The Story.

Day Two: The Soundtrack.

Day Three: Adventure Defined.

Day Four: Do Nothing.

Day Five: An Invitation.

Day Six: Picnics & Shooting Stars.

Day Seven: On Distractions.

Day Eight: Weekend Edition.

Day Nine: Sunday Sunsets.

Day Ten: The Grace House.

Day Eleven: Progress.

Day Twelve: Hold Back the River.

Day Thirteen: An Ode.

Day Fourteen: Halfway!

Day Fifteen:

Day Sixteen: So That Happened.

Day Seventeen: Guest Post.

Day Eighteen: The Fringe Moments.

Day Nineteen:

Day Twenty:

Day Twenty-One:

Day Twenty-Two:

Day Twenty-Three:

Day Twenty-Four:

Day Twenty-Five:

Day Twenty-Six:

Day Twenty-Seven:

Day Twenty-Eight:

Day Twenty-Nine:

Day Thirty:

Day Thirty-One: